Ice as in Iceland.

On friday I am leaving for a week of fishing in Iceland. A bit early to visit Iceland some might think, but the largest trout are landed during the very early season. Checking the weather report was a major disappointment and something I quickly regret doing.

Skärmavbild 2015-04-22 kl. 14.00.49

The forecast is not looking very promising and I know that checking the weather before an overseas trip is pointless. you will be there no matter what the weather look like so why punish yourself. Whispers from Iceland had also told me that there is even some ice left on the lake, but some areas are open. I quickly grabbed my phone and sent my Icelandic friend a panic text message. This guy also happens to be a fly fishing guide in Iceland and should be up to date with this kind of info.

He replied with a photo and the words: Don´t worry, it will be ok.


He had managed to land a 91cm trout yesterday. I Guess I can stop worrying about the cold weather, the Icelandic trout are used to it.

More updates to follow.

Fantastic Mr Trout

Adventures in Denmark

A short update.

Tomorrow me and some others members in the ASI team” “are leaving for the Danish coastline. We are going to fish for the danish sea trout and I am super excited. The danish sea trout are known for being very large and I hope we get lucky. I will post as many photos as I can during these 4 days in Denmark so keep watching this website.

While I am on the subject of sea trout, the trout season is finally on here in Sweden and the fishing has been very good. It is prime time to visit Sweden and try catching one of these yourself. The pike fishing is also very good at the moment and I hope to have some time for that in May when I have returned from my trout trip to Iceland.
Anyway, there will be more news about Iceland in the coming week so keep an eye out.

All the best

Fantastic Mr Trout

Pike fishing in Sweden.


The pike season has been on for a while now and big numbers of pike has been landed over the past few months. On thursday last week my good clients Bruno, Pascal and Mathias from France arrived here in Sweden, keen on getting in on that pike action.The weather forecast wasnt looking all that bright, low temperatures, heavy winds and snowfall made the already low water temperature drop. As a guide those days are the always tricky but a good guide will always make it work. Falling temperatures doesn’t always mean that there will be bad fishing, you just need to adapt to the conditions and fish the flies so the pike will react to them. My own fly pattern was doing the trick as always, it has a great movement and makes even the slowest pike react.perchDuring our two days together we had great fishing in the ice-cold winds, with around 35 pike landed and almost as many lost. Mathias lost the biggest pike of the trip, a fish around 95+ cm and super fat. He had her in his hands at one point and but he was struggling to get a good grip and then the hook came loose and she swam away. He admitted that he was afraid of the teeth and who can blame him. He still had a smile on his face after losing this beautiful pike and why should´nt he. It had been a great two days with good food, wine and amazing fishing in Sweden.

Be sure to check out my guided fishing trips for pike

Until next time

Fantastic Mr Trout

IMG_0291  IMG_0309 IMG_0317 IMG_0327 Untitled-1 Untitled-3

Sea-trout hunting.

This weekend I am heading down south of Sweden to fish for sea-trout. The weather aint looking all that promising but I aint giving up that easy. The forecast is windy and cold with a promising sunday filled with higher winds and even a chance of light snowfall…This doesn’t necessarily mean that the fishing wont be any good, it can be great! Besides, it´s better than staying home, cause there you will most definitely not catch a fish so I am packing my bags and heading down south.

Hope you guys will have a great weekend.


Fantastic Mr Trout.


Pike season is on

So the pike season is back on, sure it’s still cold outside and some days even snowing, but there is pike to be caught. As march approaches the pike fishing will become magical. I would like to share with you my perch pattern that my clients and I have been catching a lot of fish on lately. I tie these in size 15-20cm long, I find that size to be just perfect for casting and also for catching big fish.

Good luck out there and if be sure to check out my guided pike fishing trips. Last trip I did we had 40 pikes in a 4 hours of fishing.


All the best

Fantastic Mr Trout

Merry Christmas!

I would like to thank all my visitors and clients here on fantasticmrtrout.comIt has been a great year with a lot of fishing and smiles and I know 2015 will be even better.

For 2015 I have some new destinations like the Iceland group trips that I know will be good fun with large brown trout and char. At the moment I have the May trip up on the website, but I am also about to release more info about the trip to Iceland on June where we will be targeting some new rivers and lakes.IMG_8616 copy

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

All the best

Fantastic Mr Trout


NEW: Hosted group trips to Iceland

New for 2015

Hosted group Trips

Join us in 2015 were we fish a lake known for its monster sized trout with the local expert and guide Þorsteinn Stefánsson. We will be targeting very large browns with an average size of 6lb but a big chance of hooking a 15 lb brown or bigger. This lake has very large trout swiming in it, and every year trout of 30lb is being landed here. We will also fish two spring creeks, known for their large trout. The group will have a total of 8 people, thats including me and Þorsteinn and we will split the group up between me and Þorsteinn when we fish, so it will only be a total of 4 anglers on the same beat at any given time. The rivers we will fish are only available for our group on the dates that we are there fishing.

Join us for a week of fly fishing for the biggest trout in Iceland, read more here

Mice plague in New Zealand is confirmed

If you dream about fly fishing in New Zealand and have always wanted to catch that trophy trout on a dry-fly, This year is as good as it gets.

The rumors of a mice years in New Zealand started earlier this year, many where sceptic and didn’t think it would happen. However, latest news around Arthur’s Pass is that its being overrun by mice. Reports from the far side of the planet are that 4lb trout are in the 7lb range now, 7-8 lb fish are in 10lb + size.. It´s madness!

The mountain village of Arthur’s Pass has been invaded by the worst mice plague seen in 20 years, say locals.

Two weeks ago, long time resident Eleanor Reid returned from holiday to discover her home had been hijacked by hundreds of mice.

Since then she had been trapping about 50 rodents a day, with no end in sight.

“We’ve been trapping for weeks. We’ve had hundreds of them,” she said.

“The whole village has lots of mice.”

Angling pressure will be heavy in Arthur’s pass for sure, but with the right guide you will find the right spots where angling pressure has not been as bad.

Contact me and I set you up with the best guide out there.

NEW: Iceland 2015 Hosted group trips

Let me introduce Þorsteinn Stefánsson local expert and guide in Iceland. For 2015 me and Þorsteinn will have hosted group trips to Iceland. We will mostly be targeting large trout and char, and to you who follow Þorsteinn Stefánsson on instagram you know what large fish mean to him. Just to make it clear, these are some of the trout that swim in the waters we will fish.964448_637075432988078_2004748322_o10250148_827326853962934_125908474843695909_n


We will be fishing lakes and rivers for large trout and char. The groups will be small with a maximum 8 people per week, that’s including me and Þorsteinn. The first hosted week will take place in early May and the second week will be in middle of June.

More info to come soon here:

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