Trip Report: Week 27 at LocationX

Location X

As always, a good time at Location X.

This is part of my Big trout and arctic char program that you will find under guided fly fishing trips link on my website.

The week before our arrival had been very cold, with temperatures reaching just above 8+ and it had also been snowing. Obviously not an ideal temperature for the insects life. During our week we had some cold temperatures during the first days, but the hatch was still on and fish were rising. A warm front came in on the third day and this sparked the Danica to hatch. Unfortunately the evening fishing was kind of slow at the beginning but got better by the end of our week. Morning fishing was very good and I think most big fish were caught during this time.

Our guests caught a lot of trout between 50-55cm, and a few on 60-65cm over the week and we all saw bigger fish rise, but the weather kind of pushed them down. The tributaries to the main river had the most insane hatches of mayflies. During one of the first days, I took the french party up to the top of the lake to fish a nice stream. The hatch was so insane that I couldn’t even count the numbers of fish rising. When hatches are this big, fish tend to become very hard to catch due to the abundance of natural insects on the surface. When this happens, I usually sit back and just enjoy the show.

By the end of the week as the lake had heated up, char was found in big numbers up the creek. I think we caught 14 char in a matter of 1 hour, all in the same hole.

This is the first week of 4 that we have up here, and if you are interested in joining next year, let me know.

/Fantastic Mr Trout.

Proud father and a happy son.

Big fish, big smile.


A brute of a trout.

A guest with a nice brown

The heart trout. Find the spot thats shaped as a heart.

IMG_9830 IMG_9900

Midnight at the top of the lake.



A nice surprise

Today I received something really exciting from the post office. 3 rods from Arctic silver!  A 9″ 5wt Trout, a 9″ 6wt Coast and a 9″ 8wt Bonefish rod. At first glance they  look and feel different from traditional fly rods, mostly due to the new innovative design of the handle. The handle sits comfortable in my hand and the non slip coating feels great and gives you a firm grip. The grip itself is as long as a traditional Cork handle on any other 5 wt rod. Below the grip is the quick lock reel seat, I found that to be a great idea, snaps the reel in place within seconds.

photo 4

Seeing a had a few new rods to try out I headed on up to a local lake to fish for rising wild brown trout. After having spent an evening casting the 5wt and a 6wt, I have to say I am impressed. Having only cast a few hours with them, my first impressions are that the 5wt is a pure presentation trout rod. This one is for delicate presentation fishing, the leader just rolled out time after time even when I kind of screwed up the cast. The rod comes with two tips, I only got time to try out the “fast” action tip.

The 6wt Coast rod, was a faster one, right up my alley. This one will own the sea run trout this summer. I truly enjoyed casting this one, however I didn’t get the chance to try it out as much as had hoped. Trout were rising everywhere and I my 5wt Trout rod was rigged for success so couldn’t ignore them any longer.

Obviously I will stress the rods hard over the following weeks and I will get back to you with more details on how they are holding up.

Here is a nice brown caught on a 5wt Trout rod from Arctic silver. be sure to check out their website, soon you can buy these rods yourself.

Fantastic Mr Trout.

Ephemera Danica nymphs

Today I went to a little creek thats just filled with Ephemera Danica, these big mayflies is a popular food amongst trout and soon they will start hatching all around Sweden.


Mayfly season is soon upon us.

We are soon entering a summer of great fishing here in Sweden and Norway, the mayflies will be hatching and it´s time to book your guide. I still have a free days to guide so please contact me if your planning on visiting Sweden or Norway and would like to catch brown trout or grayling.

Norway: Match the hatch brown-trout fishing: Brown trout fly fishing during massive mayfly hatches in the beautiful Norway. We will be fishing crystal clear rivers that fish well from mid june-mid august. These rivers are located in a beautiful mountain setting and is a must for any fly fisherman that visit Norway.

Auriviilli hatch in NorwayClick on the link below to see more details about Match the hatch fly fishing in Norway:

Grayling fishing in Sweden and Norway: If Grayling fishing in Sweden and Norway is your thing then look no further, we will be fishing the mighty Klarälven.

Arctic GraylingClick the link below for Grayling action in Sweden and Norway:

Sweden: Big Trout and Char: Fly fishing for big Trout and Char at a private river in the north of Sweden:

Evening risersClick the link below:


Jazz & Fly-fishing: New Trailer

I have watched these guys perform jazz music in a dungeon here in Gothenburg once, a perfect setting for jazz music if you ask me. Then two years later I encountered them at my secret creek at the very top of Norway, obviously dressed to impress like always. Today they released a trailer for their new TV show. Enjoy

A christmas pike!

Hi all, Fantastic mr Trout here with a Fantastic miss pike….We scouted the lake yesterday for ice, and it did not look good. The few places where you can put the boat in the water was all covered in ice, however the ice was not that thick so this morning we took a gamble and went a head with the fishing plans anyway. We arrived early this morning and was surprised to see that the ice had withdrawn further in and had opened up for our boat.

After a few cold hours with no fish, we headed for one of our secret spots and a whopper of a pike got hooked on the third cast. A personal best, weighing in at 12.8kg, 108cm long, a fat ass female pike.

Hope you all have a great holiday and all the best for the new year.


A big female

A early christmas present

As christmas is just around the corner, I would like to share one last video with you before the year ends. It´s been a great year filled with nice big trout and great fishing all around, but sometimes fish just seems to have the upper hand. This video features some educated trout and some bad presentations from the man behind the fly rod. Hope you all enjoy.

Fantastic mr Trout