Mayfly season is soon upon us.

We are soon entering a summer of great fishing here in Sweden and Norway, the mayflies will be hatching and it´s time to book your guide. I still have a free days to guide so please contact me if your planning on visiting Sweden or Norway and would like to catch brown trout or grayling.

Norway: Match the hatch brown-trout fishing: Brown trout fly fishing during massive mayfly hatches in the beautiful Norway. We will be fishing crystal clear rivers that fish well from mid june-mid august. These rivers are located in a beautiful mountain setting and is a must for any fly fisherman that visit Norway.

Auriviilli hatch in NorwayClick on the link below to see more details about Match the hatch fly fishing in Norway:

Grayling fishing in Sweden and Norway: If Grayling fishing in Sweden and Norway is your thing then look no further, we will be fishing the mighty Klarälven.

Arctic GraylingClick the link below for Grayling action in Sweden and Norway:

Sweden: Big Trout and Char: Fly fishing for big Trout and Char at a private river in the north of Sweden:

Evening risersClick the link below:


Jazz & Fly-fishing: New Trailer

I have watched these guys perform jazz music in a dungeon here in Gothenburg once, a perfect setting for jazz music if you ask me. Then two years later I encountered them at my secret creek at the very top of Norway, obviously dressed to impress like always. Today they released a trailer for their new TV show. Enjoy

A christmas pike!

Hi all, Fantastic mr Trout here with a Fantastic miss pike….We scouted the lake yesterday for ice, and it did not look good. The few places where you can put the boat in the water was all covered in ice, however the ice was not that thick so this morning we took a gamble and went a head with the fishing plans anyway. We arrived early this morning and was surprised to see that the ice had withdrawn further in and had opened up for our boat.

After a few cold hours with no fish, we headed for one of our secret spots and a whopper of a pike got hooked on the third cast. A personal best, weighing in at 12.8kg, 108cm long, a fat ass female pike.

Hope you all have a great holiday and all the best for the new year.


A big female

A early christmas present

As christmas is just around the corner, I would like to share one last video with you before the year ends. It´s been a great year filled with nice big trout and great fishing all around, but sometimes fish just seems to have the upper hand. This video features some educated trout and some bad presentations from the man behind the fly rod. Hope you all enjoy.

Fantastic mr Trout


Video Thursday.

I finally managed to get this edit done. I aint going to win any awards with this edit, but I did my best with the footage I had. Hope you guys enjoy it and that it might inspire some of you to go out there chasing brown trout. If you’re in the northern parts of the world like me, you might become depressed by watching it seeing summer is so far away.

Fantastic mr Trout.


Spawning time.

I was walking up my home creek and spotted  a surprisingly healthy number of trout spawning this year. We have not had decent amount of rain in months and so the rivers and lakes are very low. In fact I think that the lake has never been this low before, well not since they dammed it back in the mid 1800s.

However these trout seems to be hard as nails and will survive almost anything.

As I was walking up the creek I found a couple of good-sized trout fighting over a female.

A female sharing her redd

A female sharing her redd

Bring on next season!

Fantastic Mr Trout.

A Season Ends.

Summer is slowly turning into autumn here in Sweden, a lot of our rivers will be closing for this years spawning. But before the brown trout season ends I decided to go fishing up the secret creek one last time. We arrived early in the morning; as usual I sat down at my favorite spot and enjoyed a morning coffee while keeping a watchful eye for any sign of rising trout.

It did not take long before we found fish; unfortunately the risers were nowhere to be seen so we had to turn to nymph fishing. Free drifting caddis pupa seemed to be on the menu today. I fish the caddis pupa in various sizes and colors but the one who caught the most fish was a light tan-colored caddis pupa.





Around mid-day the fish seemed to stop eating and it was slow fishing up until late that evening.  A caddis hatch came off just as the sun started to hide behind the trees. In the darkness of night the trout had the advantage, trying to set a hook in pitch black conditions turned out to be a bit of a challenge. By the end of it I would just try to set every time I heard a rise but I was quite unsuccessful. It was with mixed feelings I left the creek that night, a part of me wanted the season to never end and another part was happy that it was over.


As one season ends, another one begins. On the far side of the planet, New Zealand offers some of the best trout fishing in the world, if not the best. Here you will be sight-fishing for big brown trout and Rainbows in crystal clear water and in the most amazing scenery. The other good thing with fly-fishing in New Zealand is that it will keep the fly-fishing season alive, even during our colder winter months here in Europe. Something I need to keep my sanity and well-being.



A day to remember.

Early season fishing had been pretty bad this year, unfortunately we had a long period of cold weather with no rain, which led to very low flows in a lot of rivers here in the south of Sweden. The local river  that I fish each spring was severely punished by these low flows, the Danica hatch was very short-lived and we did not see a lot of  fish rise to the surface this year, hopefully next years hatch will be better.


As summer came along and heated up the northern parts of Sweden and Norway I decided to travel to my parents house and fish a couple of  streams with my Dad. Our first river was located just inside the Norwegian border, on the menu was Grayling and Trout. The first couple of hours of fishing had been slow, hardly any risers but as soon as the night fell we found fish constantly feeding from the surface and I landed some surprisingly good fish, all on my newly built Walter Brunner Gebethesroiter Super, 6,5″ #5 Bamboo rod, which made it even more special.


IMG_8050 IMG_8028

A week later I visited a river that had become very special to me and I enjoyed one of the better days of fly fishing this year. I arrived late in the afternoon and decided to have a coffee before I started fishing, as I sat there looking out over the river, I saw a flash of a big tail fin just under the surface. It was a quick look as the fish submerged into the depth again. I finished my coffee as quickly as I could without burning my throat, I tied on a unweighted size 16 may fly nymph and took my place in the river, just downstream of the fish. During the second drift over the fish, I could feel the heavy pull at the end of the fly line. To my surprise the fish decided to bolt up-stream for a couple of meters, the heavy current was not an obstacle. A couple of seconds later the trout managed to snagged itself on something, I started pulling the line tighter and could feel that nothing happened, I was stuck. I started to realise that I might have just lost the biggest trout of the season only to feel the line give way and the feel of a trout pulling on the far end, I shouted out in happiness but the fish would have non of it. Enraged with this defeat he changed his dirty tactics and bolted downstream with me on his tail running down the fast current, at one point I thought I will swim after this fish if needed. I battled the fast current for around 100 meters downstream, were  I saw another angler standing in the river, it was an old friend that I had not been able to say hello to yet, as I had only been there for around 15 minutes. As I swished by in the current I shouted out, hows the fishing mate? He laughed and said, well not as good as yours it seems. That’s was all the small talk I had time as the fish pulled med further down the river. At this point of the battle he stayed a while in the same area, and for a good reason for a no good fighting dirty trout. He had obviously seen a good spot to snag me on again, and so he did. This time I was certain that the fish would break me off, but once again I managed to clear the line from what ever it was stuck on. Blood taste in my mouth, legs sore and tired after 150 meters of running, falling and floating down-stream I managed to get him into a slow-moving backwater. He was as tired as me when I pulled him into the net and putting an end to this arduous battle . A beautiful Jack with colours that would impress any Hen Trout out there, truly a magnificent trout living up to it´s name and reputation. I snapped a few photos and gave him one last look before I released him back into the stream.