Pike madness at Sandhamn Marine


Fly fishing for pike is nothing new but in the last couple of years the number of active pike fisherman have grown exponentially. There is a reason for that, Fly fishing for pike is so much fun, the fish explode into your fly, they are strong and jump, it’s an absolute blast to fish for pikes.  For a few years now I been fishing a place in the south of Sweden that offers world-class fly fishing for pike and I thought I´d share some good information to you guys that want to travel here and experience this for yourself.

in the south-eastern corner of Sweden near Karlskrona, you will find a fly fishing paradise. Most of this part of the Baltic sea is very shallow and filled with pike. The season stretches all year around but certain months produce a lot more fish.

From late October to april the fishing is quite spectacular, Pike sit close to shore in very shallow water making it perfect for wading and fly fishing. On my first trip down here, I asked my good friend Ulf, who also is an excellent guide and lodge owner how deep I should fish, he told me, think shallow, and then fish even more shallow. At first I thought, yeah so 1-2 meters, I fished for a few hours and had hooked very little pike, this was not the pike paradise I had hoped for. During one cast, I hooked a tree, got mad and pulled the fly out with force, the fly landed just near a meter out into the water and as soon as it hit the water a pike took it. That´s when I realised that I had fished too deep, I started fishing towards land, in no more than knee-deep water and hooked pike after pike, these fish were not holding in 1 meter deep water, they were holding in 30-50cm of water very close to land. This change it all, I caught a huge amount of pikes and the fishing was just crazy fun.IMG_0291

Ulf Johansson is the owner of a fishing camp here. He offers affordable accommodation located directly on the water, you can open your door, cast and catch a pike. that’s how great this place is. He also offer guiding, he has lived here all his life and know these water like nobody else. He has boats to rent and a shop to buy gear at. I recommend anyone to visit, this is fun for beginners and advanced fly fishing guys. The pike fishing is truly amazing, The fishing camp is top notch and you have unlimited spots to fish.

Below you will find some general Information. Please contact me for more information.


Fishing camp: http://www.sandhamnmarine.se

Directions: From Karlskrona drive east towards Torhamn, then continue east towards Sandhamn. You find more detailed information on http://www.sandhamnmarine.se

Fishing spots: all up the east coast and also into the coves on the south, south-west towards Karlskrona. There is pike everywhere. Take the ferry out to the island, the fishing there can be spectacular during the coldest months when fish gather inside the coves.

Season: All year around,  summer months you find fish out on the islands, winter time they are very close to the coast line.

Rods: 7-8 weights, floating lines, fish shallow.



Planning for next year

Christmas is around the corner and for most fly fishing anglers around the northern hemisphere its a dark time, most of us have put away the fishing gear for the year. It feels like an eternity before you can present a dry-fly to a rising fish again but there is hope though. Planning for next year is always fun, are you returning to that secret river or will you be exploring new waters?

For me it will be a mix of both, I have a lot of new waters I always wanted to try out and then there are a few rivers I just need to go back to or the summer would not feel complete. Sweden and Norway have some wonderful rivers and the hatches can be amazing. I have guided trips all over Sweden and Norway and will try to do a little break down on what each month will be good for if you do visit Sweden. Check that one out at the bottom

I also have a few new guide destinations, like Kola Peninsula. This is a legendary place that most brown trout anglers have heard about. The Kharlovka company have done a wonderful job protecting this fishery. Strict rules have helped protecting the trout and surrounding nature. Each beat that is fish have rested 2 weeks before it is fished again by a new group. Around 17 anglers will visit each beat per year, that’s a very low number. Keep in mind that these are rivers that could withstand a lot higher angling pressure due to the size of the rivers and the amount of trout that live in them. It is however important to protect the fishery at all cost and that’s why they have capped it to a very low number of anglers that can visit each year. The trout here are very large, this is probably the best place to be if you’re looking to hook a few 3kg + fish on dry-fly during a week.

For 2016 I do have a few spot left so make sure to contact me if you want any information about the trip or want to book a spot. You can read more about it here: https://fantasticmrtrout.com/guided-fishing-trips/kola-trophy-trout/

This is a great video about the fishing on Kola, made by Kristian Topp for Danica film, check it out:


Iceland is also a wonderful trout paradise. Here you have a chance to catch some very large fish on streamers and dry flies depending on when you travel there. I have one early trip in May and one during the dry-fly season at the end of June. This is one from last years tripisland trout

So here is a breakdown on what kind of fishing each month consists of:

January – April: Pike and sea-trout fishing. If you want to get into some crazy pike fly fishing with the fly rod, let me know. Some days you can catch 100+ pikes. These pike will be holding in very shallow water so poppers work great too.

Sweden or Denmark: Sea trout fishing.

May: Iceland group trip. This trip is something very special, you have a big chance of catching 10kg brown in a lake. These browns are land locked sea-trout from the ice age. Very special trout and it´s just madness when you hook one. Don´t miss this one. More details here: https://fantasticmrtrout.com/guided-fishing-trips/iceland-the-land-of-monster-trout/

Sweden still offers some very good pike fishing and also the brown trout dry-fly fishing have started in the south of Sweden.

June: Iceland group trip. Focusing on dry-fly for Brown trout and Char in lakes and rivers.

Sweden/ Norway also have some very good dry-fly fishing for brown trout and Grayling.

For Grayling see this link:https://fantasticmrtrout.com/guided-fishing-trips/sweden-grayling/

Trout see this link: https://fantasticmrtrout.com/guided-fishing-trips/sweden-and-norway-match-the-hatch-brown-trout-fishing/

July-August: Iceland group trip. Focusing on dry-fly fishing for brown trout and char. There is also a big chance for salmon if your interested in that.

Sweden/Norway: Great dry-fly fishing for Brown trout, char and grayling.

Kola Peninsula Group trip.

Sep-December: Great Sea trout fishing in Denmark in september. The pike season starts again in the south of Sweden in November. Shallow fishing for torpedo pikes.

November-March: New Zealand. If your planning on visiting New Zealand during the winter months, which I hope you do cause the fishing down there is truly amazing. Make sure to book a guide if it´s your first visit. You will get a lot of help and learn a few tricks on how to spot the trout in the gin clear rivers. a cheap price to pay for something you will use for the entire trip.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Fantastic Mr Trout.



Fin-chasers is a magazine that I truly enjoy reading, there are always good articles and wonderful photos. In the latest issue there’s even a profile interview with moi so make sure to check that out.


Lately I been fishing for sea-trout in Denmark and will do a nice writeup about the trip soon, stay tuned.

Fantastic Mr Trout

Back from Iceland.

Well I am back in Sweden after a week of trout hunting in Iceland. The weather turned out to be just as the forecast had foretold. We had a day with insane wind speeds 30 ms (meter per second) and the temperature was almost always around zero celsius. The locals told us that we had some very unlucky weather, it usually is not this cold during late april and fishing is usually good. The water temperature was never above +4 C during our entire week and that means slow fishing. We met a few anglers and there seems to have been some very good fishing just days before this cold front hit. 90cm trout had been caught and many in the 80cm range. After the cold weather hit, most people fishing the lake had very slow fishing. All in all, our trip was a success, we only had 2 days when we didn’t catch any fish and I also managed to catch a very large one. The last 2 days of the trip was warm and we had around +6-9 C and hardly no wind, this made fish a lot more active and we could see a lot of rising trout and some where very large. I estimated a few to be around 8-10kg, when the head of a large fish like that breaks the surface all those slow hours in the cold are forgotten and your body just feels warm and full of energy again. Its jaw dropping stuff and it´s very addictive fishing.

Be sure to check out my guided trips to this place for 2016 here: https://fantasticmrtrout.com/guided-fishing-trips/iceland-the-land-of-monster-trout/ maybe you can catch a dream trout yourself.

IMG_8498 island trout Rödinghenrik

Ice as in Iceland.

On friday I am leaving for a week of fishing in Iceland. A bit early to visit Iceland some might think, but the largest trout are landed during the very early season. Checking the weather report was a major disappointment and something I quickly regret doing.

Skärmavbild 2015-04-22 kl. 14.00.49

The forecast is not looking very promising and I know that checking the weather before an overseas trip is pointless. you will be there no matter what the weather look like so why punish yourself. Whispers from Iceland had also told me that there is even some ice left on the lake, but some areas are open. I quickly grabbed my phone and sent my Icelandic friend a panic text message. This guy also happens to be a fly fishing guide in Iceland and should be up to date with this kind of info.

He replied with a photo and the words: Don´t worry, it will be ok.


He had managed to land a 91cm trout yesterday. I Guess I can stop worrying about the cold weather, the Icelandic trout are used to it.

More updates to follow.

Fantastic Mr Trout

Adventures in Denmark

A short update.

Tomorrow me and some others members in the ASI team” http://www.arcticsilver.no/ “are leaving for the Danish coastline. We are going to fish for the danish sea trout and I am super excited. The danish sea trout are known for being very large and I hope we get lucky. I will post as many photos as I can during these 4 days in Denmark so keep watching this website.

While I am on the subject of sea trout, the trout season is finally on here in Sweden and the fishing has been very good. It is prime time to visit Sweden and try catching one of these yourself. The pike fishing is also very good at the moment and I hope to have some time for that in May when I have returned from my trout trip to Iceland.
Anyway, there will be more news about Iceland in the coming week so keep an eye out.

All the best

Fantastic Mr Trout

Pike fishing in Sweden.


The pike season has been on for a while now and big numbers of pike has been landed over the past few months. On thursday last week my good clients Bruno, Pascal and Mathias from France arrived here in Sweden, keen on getting in on that pike action.The weather forecast wasnt looking all that bright, low temperatures, heavy winds and snowfall made the already low water temperature drop. As a guide those days are the always tricky but a good guide will always make it work. Falling temperatures doesn’t always mean that there will be bad fishing, you just need to adapt to the conditions and fish the flies so the pike will react to them. My own fly pattern was doing the trick as always, it has a great movement and makes even the slowest pike react.perchDuring our two days together we had great fishing in the ice-cold winds, with around 35 pike landed and almost as many lost. Mathias lost the biggest pike of the trip, a fish around 95+ cm and super fat. He had her in his hands at one point and but he was struggling to get a good grip and then the hook came loose and she swam away. He admitted that he was afraid of the teeth and who can blame him. He still had a smile on his face after losing this beautiful pike and why should´nt he. It had been a great two days with good food, wine and amazing fishing in Sweden.

Be sure to check out my guided fishing trips for pike https://fantasticmrtrout.com/guided-fishing-trips/northern-pike-adventures/

Until next time

Fantastic Mr Trout

IMG_0291  IMG_0309 IMG_0317 IMG_0327 Untitled-1 Untitled-3

Sea-trout hunting.

This weekend I am heading down south of Sweden to fish for sea-trout. The weather aint looking all that promising but I aint giving up that easy. The forecast is windy and cold with a promising sunday filled with higher winds and even a chance of light snowfall…This doesn’t necessarily mean that the fishing wont be any good, it can be great! Besides, it´s better than staying home, cause there you will most definitely not catch a fish so I am packing my bags and heading down south.

Hope you guys will have a great weekend.


Fantastic Mr Trout.