Early spring by the river.

It´s been a while since I updated this blog, but I have been busy building bamboo fly rods and trying to find some good-sized trout feeding from the surface. It has proven to be harder than I would have liked it to be. A lot of days have just been spent staring at the water, while sipping on a hot coffee. Nothing wrong with that though, It´s part of fly-fishing and it makes that first rise so much more than just a rise. I personally enjoy this early season a lot,  it´s challenging fishing and a lot of slow days but when you finally see that rise, catching the fish or not, it has all been worth it. The insect life has been slow to take off due to the unusual cold spring we have had, but I have still found a few trout feeding on Midges and Stone flies. The last two weeks in april things really took off and I landed my first dry-fly trout of the season, a well conditioned 45 cm trout. It took a size 18 CDC emerger, tied with just a thin layer of tying thread as body and a CDC puff at the top, a killer fly for early season trout.

Last week I caught another good-sized fish, this guy was sitting tight up on the far bank with a branch hanging over him. Unfortunately there was not a lot of insects drifting down, but once every 5-7  minutes or so an emerging stone fly would arrive and he would rise to the surface. I got into position on the other bank, I sat there waiting for him to rise one last time, it did not take long before he broke the surface again. I quickly put the fly in the feeding line, it gently drifted down towards him and a broad head broke the surface film and it was on. Once landed, the fish measured in at 50cm long, a trout with some good weight to it.

It´s May now and things are finally heating up,  fishing is becoming easier as an abundance of insects are hatching to the delight of the dry-fly angler.

/ Fantastic Mr Trout.

photo (1)



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