Trip Report: Week 27 at LocationX

Location X

As always, a good time at Location X.

This is part of my Big trout and arctic char program that you will find under guided fly fishing trips link on my website.

The week before our arrival had been very cold, with temperatures reaching just above 8+ and it had also been snowing. Obviously not an ideal temperature for the insects life. During our week we had some cold temperatures during the first days, but the hatch was still on and fish were rising. A warm front came in on the third day and this sparked the Danica to hatch. Unfortunately the evening fishing was kind of slow at the beginning but got better by the end of our week. Morning fishing was very good and I think most big fish were caught during this time.

Our guests caught a lot of trout between 50-55cm, and a few on 60-65cm over the week and we all saw bigger fish rise, but the weather kind of pushed them down. The tributaries to the main river had the most insane hatches of mayflies. During one of the first days, I took the french party up to the top of the lake to fish a nice stream. The hatch was so insane that I couldn’t even count the numbers of fish rising. When hatches are this big, fish tend to become very hard to catch due to the abundance of natural insects on the surface. When this happens, I usually sit back and just enjoy the show.

By the end of the week as the lake had heated up, char was found in big numbers up the creek. I think we caught 14 char in a matter of 1 hour, all in the same hole.

This is the first week of 4 that we have up here, and if you are interested in joining next year, let me know.

/Fantastic Mr Trout.

Proud father and a happy son.

Big fish, big smile.


A brute of a trout.

A guest with a nice brown

The heart trout. Find the spot thats shaped as a heart.

IMG_9830 IMG_9900

Midnight at the top of the lake.



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