Late summer & fall fishing.

It´s been a crazy warm year and hardly no rain here in Scandinavia. Reports of fish dying in various creeks and lakes is a sure sign that we are in need of rain and colder conditions quickly. With this heat wave, I knew that my guided trip to Norway would be very challenging. Thankfully the water here is colder than most rivers and the temperature jumped between 13.5-17 C during the week. The water level was very low and we struggled to find active feeding fish in the crystal clear water .

Tony checking the weed beds for trout.

I had the pleasure of guiding two very patient and wonderful clients that came all the way from the UK, Tony and David. For years they have fished together and traveller around the world in search of trout and this time they decided on Norway. During the week we did managed to find some fish, but far from what I had hoped for. The river was very clear and low, the hatch was far from good but a few risers here and there. The clear water gave us a chance to sightfish and we spotted a few really good fish, one even decided to try out Tony’s nymph. Unfortunately it didn’t stick but Tony, being a perfect gentlemen about it was just as happy. During our stay in Norway, they mentioned that catching fish is not always the most important thing and not the reason why they enjoy fly fishing so much, and I have to agree on that. Wise word from two great fishermen.

David with a rise downstream.


Tony prospecting the weed beds


September/October and November fishing in Sweden

There is still a lot of good fishing left. September is a great month for sea run browns around the Gothenburg area. There is also some really good  grayling fishing to be had, so make sure to check out my guided trips section for more information. As the water temperature drops in september and we enter the month of october, there are other species than trout that comes to life, like the Northern pike. Trips for this will be available at a later date but please contact me if you have any questions about pike fishing and visit my Pike adventure page big female


I have added Iceland to the locations that I offer guided trips to. September is a great month for chasing really big sea run browns and Salmon fishing. The lake fishing also is very productive in september. I am currently updating the Iceland page on my website, so just shoot me an email if you are interested in finding out more 


Fantastic Mr Trout.

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