News from New Zealand.

As Europe is getting into winter time and there are hardly any rising trout left for this year, on the far side on our planet, in the promised land of trout, they are just getting into the 2014-15 trout season. My good friend and local New Zealand guide Chris Dore have had a great start to the season. Here is the latest from him.

Brutally cold on the river today. Fish simply weren’t out or were lying doggo on the bottom in the sudden chill. So we plugged on methodically, working the banks, and rocky runs with a double nymph combo. In these conditions you do what you have to do: no matter what you want to experience, you aren’t likely to find fish active in the open and rising to big dries… Client preferences come second as we do what we have to whilst looking for just that one shot.

Today we did just that and Brian had to work very hard to keep the hands functioning as did the guide on the knots. It all paid off when we spotted a nice shape moving back and forth across a shingle fan. A great cast, aerobatic battle and fingers warm enough (just) to work the reel resulted in Brian’s first Double Digit Brown for the 2014 / 15 season. Well done mate!

If your planning a trip to New Zealand this winter, please contact me.

Heavy weight

Trophy brown

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