NEW: Iceland 2015 Hosted group trips

Let me introduce Þorsteinn Stefánsson local expert and guide in Iceland. For 2015 me and Þorsteinn will have hosted group trips to Iceland. We will mostly be targeting large trout and char, and to you who follow Þorsteinn Stefánsson on instagram you know what large fish mean to him. Just to make it clear, these are some of the trout that swim in the waters we will fish.964448_637075432988078_2004748322_o10250148_827326853962934_125908474843695909_n


We will be fishing lakes and rivers for large trout and char. The groups will be small with a maximum 8 people per week, that’s including me and Þorsteinn. The first hosted week will take place in early May and the second week will be in middle of June.

More info to come soon here:

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