Mice plague in New Zealand is confirmed

If you dream about fly fishing in New Zealand and have always wanted to catch that trophy trout on a dry-fly, This year is as good as it gets.

The rumors of a mice years in New Zealand started earlier this year, many where sceptic and didn’t think it would happen. However, latest news around Arthur’s Pass is that its being overrun by mice. Reports from the far side of the planet are that 4lb trout are in the 7lb range now, 7-8 lb fish are in 10lb + size.. It´s madness!

The mountain village of Arthur’s Pass has been invaded by the worst mice plague seen in 20 years, say locals.

Two weeks ago, long time resident Eleanor Reid returned from holiday to discover her home had been hijacked by hundreds of mice.

Since then she had been trapping about 50 rodents a day, with no end in sight.

“We’ve been trapping for weeks. We’ve had hundreds of them,” she said.

“The whole village has lots of mice.”


Angling pressure will be heavy in Arthur’s pass for sure, but with the right guide you will find the right spots where angling pressure has not been as bad.

Contact me and I set you up with the best guide out there.

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