NEW: Hosted group trips to Iceland

New for 2015

Hosted group Trips

Join us in 2015 were we fish a lake known for its monster sized trout with the local expert and guide Þorsteinn Stefánsson. We will be targeting very large browns with an average size of 6lb but a big chance of hooking a 15 lb brown or bigger. This lake has very large trout swiming in it, and every year trout of 30lb is being landed here. We will also fish two spring creeks, known for their large trout. The group will have a total of 8 people, thats including me and Þorsteinn and we will split the group up between me and Þorsteinn when we fish, so it will only be a total of 4 anglers on the same beat at any given time. The rivers we will fish are only available for our group on the dates that we are there fishing.

Join us for a week of fly fishing for the biggest trout in Iceland, read more here

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