Iceland: The land of monster trout.

Welcome to Iceland, one of the most unique looking countries on earth. The Icelandic landscape is like something from a different planet, with it´s beautiful rugged volcanic terrain and crystal clear rivers and lakes. The Icelandic trout and char can grow to very impressive size and 10 lb trout are not rare. Iceland is also know for its world class Salmon fishing, so don´t hesitate to contact me about salmon fishing.

Season: May-September.

Species: Brown Trout, Char and Salmon

If your looking for a guide in Iceland, we got you covered. please contact me

Hosted group Trips

Join us in 2015 were we fish a lake known for its monster sized trout with the local expert and guide Þorsteinn Stefánsson. We will be targeting very large browns with an average size of 6lb with a chance of catching one of those monster trout that swims in the lake. We will also fish two spring creeks, known for their large trout. The group will be a total of 8 people, thats including me and Þorsteinn and we will split the group up between me and Þorsteinn when we fish, so it will only be a total of 4 anglers on the same beat at any given time. The rivers we will fish are only available for our group on the dates that we are there fishing. 10250148_827326853962934_125908474843695909_n

Group trip in May: 

During the month of May in Iceland, We will have a good chance to catch that trophy trout we all been dreaming about. We will mostly be targeting lake Thingvellir, a lake that holds Iceland´s biggest brown trout. The trout in this lake are very special, they are landlocked sea-trout, locked in the lake since the last ice age. These trout grow very big and 15kg browns are caught here every year and even more are hooked but lost. If the weather behaves we will have a good chance of finding big fish rising to the surface. This is the best spot in Iceland to try to catch that trophy size fish we all dream about. This trip will be all about catching large fish and that in may we have our best chance to do just this. We are also specifically targeting the lake that will give us the best chance to catch one of these monsters and with the help of our Thingvellir expert Þorsteinn we will maximize our chances.fantasticmrtrout

We are also targeting two rivers that are known for its fun sight-fishing for big browns. Fish will be feeding on tiny midge and if weather behaves we have good chance of finding 3-5kg fish rising to the surface.

Trip planner:

4th may: Arrival in Iceland and group meet up at the airport at 12:00, then we drive towards the hotel. There will be a group briefing at the hotel/lodge when we arrive and in this meeting I will brief you on what the general plan will look like for the week in Iceland. We will have a possibility to start fishing in the evening.

5th and 6th may: Thingvellir trout lake. Fishing for the largest trout in Iceland.

7th-8th and half of 9th may: Galtalækur and Minnivallalækur.

9th & 10th: Thingvellir trout lake. We will end our trip with two days of fishing a different spot in lake Thingvellir.

11th may: Driving back to the airport and flying home.

What to bring: Fly rods: #5 for rivers and a #7 Fly line: Traditional dry-fly taper. Flies: Size 12-18 black gnat´s, size 16-20 midge pupa patterns nymphs and a selection of streamers. More info about flies will be in the trip planner.

Included in the price: Fishing licenses, Accommodation, Car Transport for the entire trip in Iceland. We will have access to 2 SUV for the entire group, 4 person in each SUV.

Not included in the price: Flights to and from Iceland Food and other things you want to buy. The hotel will serve food but you will have to pay for that yourself. While staying at Minnevallaekur lodge we will need to bring our own food so we will stop at a shop to buy the food we like. There is a kitchen and fridge to store food in and a stove to cook on.

Price per person

15000 SEK/1600 EUR with a mandatory tip of 1000 SEK/100 EUR per person.

Book or ask a question:

More info to come, but please contact me for more info about the hosted trip at the end of june. The setup will be the same as the hosted trip in may, but this time we will be fishing new waters that produce big fish during spring/summer time. Focus will be on large brown trout and char. 

For more info

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