Pike fly fishing in Sweden

Welcome to Sweden, a heaven for big northern pike. The abundance of bait fish in our swedish lakes have created a paradise for the top predators that swim in our waters.  With 700 teeth that rip through flesh like it was butter, the northern pike is our top predator. Explosive takes is to be expected as the pike attack our flies.


October – May pike fly-fishing:

Location: South of Sweden.

Minimum number of days: 2 days of guide fishing: 1175 eur.

Boats or Wading: Wading (Boats are available to rent).

Accommodation: Available for a very good price, please contact me for more information. 

Food: Bring your own, there is a kitchen in the cottage. There is also a restaurant nearby. 

Rods & Flies: 8-10wt, Bring your own (Pike Flies tied by me can be purchased)

Fly fishing for pike between the months of October-May can be nothing short of magical. Fish is holding in very shallow water and it makes it perfect for the fly fisherman. Float or very slowly intermediate fly lines are preferable here.Usually we catch a lot of fish during these months and it is not uncommon to have 60+ fish in  a day. Spawning season is just around the corner and pike need to stock up on food before they spawn. There are big chance of big pikes grabbing your flies. Untitled-1 Untitled-3



Spin fishing for pike in the remote woods of Värmland:

Minimum number of days: 2 days of guide fishing.

Boats or Wading: Boats

Accommodation: Available for a good price, please contact me for more information.

Food: Bring your own or eat at the restaurants nearby.

Price: Please Contact me and ask for the Spin fishing price.

If your interested in spin fishing for pike in the heart of Värmlands län, then May and June is a good time to travel here. Värmland has a huge amount of lakes in various sizes, all of them have pike and fishing pressure is very low. Most of the times we will have an entire lake for ourselves. Pike grow to some very impressive size here and in April and may, we have a good chance of catching them.

Book me or ask a question: fantasticmrtrout@gmail.com


Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a 30% non refundable deposit of the total guiding fee for trips of two days or more in duration, or 50% on a single day adventure.

For cancellations within 10 days of the trip date payment is required in full.


Fantastic Mr Trout reserves the right to cut short, cancel or postpone any trip if he considers conditions to be unsafe.

Whilst we are guides, we are not gods and thus cannot control the weather. It is very rare for us to cancel a day due to inclement weather, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our waters, and a variety of cutting edge techniques to give you the best opportunities on the day.

We accept no liability for any injuries, medical conditions, losses or claims of any kind or nature. We advise all international travellers to hold travel insurance

Untitled-4IMG_0327IMG_0317IMG_0309IMG_0291IMG_0186546841_361122793972147_156806445_n 616096_10151180778781768_1416744992_o

Reine with his 11.5kg pike

A big female


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