Sweden: Private river and lake.

Sweden offers world-class fly fishing for rising Brown Trout and the mythical Arctic Char. Our rich insects life will keep the trout feeding on the surface for the warmer months of the year.

Let me introduce Location X:

This is a privately owned river and lake, located up in the norther parts of Sweden in the county of Jämtland. We will be fishing for big Brown Trout in the river and for Arctic Char and brown trout in the lake. The river offers one of Sweden´s best fishing for big trout in a pristine environment. The average size for the trout are around 1 kg but we do catch a lot of trout from 2 kg+ each week. Our lodge will serve as the place for rest and food during our 7 day´s of fishing.

We are guiding here during the week 27 to week 29 each summer,  The river is only opened for fishing during our stay here, which means that the angling pressure is very low. There will be amazing mayfly hatches during this time of the year so bring your dry fly gear.

7 Days fishing for Trout and Char, we start our week on a sunday and end our week the following sunday.

Overnight stay at our lodge.

Over 15km long river with tributaries that all hold good sized fish.

A lake filled with char and brown trout.

transfer from Airport in Östersund to our fishing lodge.

Boat and Belly boat available for the lake.

Guide if needed, you can fish on your own.

Contact me for more details

Here is a video and scroll down for photos.

Video Location X: Big trout

Book me or ask a question: fantasticmrtrout@gmail.com



Fantastic Mr Trout reserves the right to cut short, cancel or postpone any trip if he considers conditions to be unsafe.

Whilst we are guides, we are not gods and thus cannot control the weather. It is very rare for us to cancel a day due to inclement weather, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our waters, and a variety of cutting edge techniques to give you the best opportunities on the day.

We accept no liability for any injuries, medical conditions, losses or claims of any kind or nature. We advise all international travellers to hold travel insurance

Please contact me for more information

IMG_9900 IMG_9882 IMG_9878 IMG_9828 Proud father and a happy son.

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DSC_0820 DSC_0852 Jämtland-028

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