Sweden/Värmland: Grayling

Sweden has the best water in the world for big Grayling. Our rivers are packed with them and they grow to impressive size. My home river Klarälven is a truly magnificent river for Grayling. It has a healthy population averaging 40-45 cm and brown trout. I have over 20 years of experience fly fishing this river and I know it like the back of my hand.
I have extensive knowledge regarding trout and Grayling fishing around Sweden and especially Värmlands län and surrounding counties. If you are looking for a special trip up north of sweden or norway for grayling, I also know some amazing spots for big arctic grayling. Please contact me regarding these special grayling trips.

Spring season: Mid June to early July, This is the time when most of our up-winged insects hatches. Heptagenia, Baetis, Auriviilli and the largest of our swedish up-winged insects, the mighty Ephemera Danica “The Green drake”  Fishing during the month of june-july offers superb dry fly fishing for grayling and trout.

Fall season: September is a wonderful month to fish for arctic grayling. The heat of summer has made the river warm and most of the insects have hatched, which leads to a down time for the grayling. Now that fall is around the corner, the temperature drops and with that, the fish become more day active again. Statistics show that, not only is September a months when we catch the most fish, but it’s also the month when we catch twice, yes I said twice, the amount of large fish(40cm +) compared to the second best time of the year (mid june-mid July).  This just shows how important it is for the fish to get one last feed on before the winter takes over completely. During September the grayling´s diet consists of a variety of insects, like beetles, ants, wasps, caddis and up winged insects like the Baetis Rhodani.and parts of October still offers great dry-fly fishing, The Caddis is still hatching and there is still big fish rising. November can get tricky as there aint too much stuff hatching, but nymphing during this month will produce some big fish.

Price: A minimum of 2 days is required for me to guide. 2 days: 6000 SEK/640 EUR  8 hours of guiding per day. Need an extra day?: 2000 SEK/220 EUR per day.

Travel to and from the destination will not be included. if you need travel to and from destination, please contact me for more information.

Lodging: If you need a place to spend the night, I can set you up at a very good local bed and breakfast.

Book me or ask a question: fantasticmrtrout@gmail.com


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Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a 30% non refundable deposit of the total guiding fee for trips of two days or more in duration, or 50% on a single day adventure.

For cancellations within 10 days of the trip date payment is required in full.


Fantastic Mr Trout reserves the right to cut short, cancel or postpone any trip if he considers conditions to be unsafe.

Whilst we are guides, we are not gods and thus cannot control the weather. It is very rare for us to cancel a day due to inclement weather, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our waters, and a variety of cutting edge techniques to give you the best opportunities on the day.

We accept no liability for any injuries, medical conditions, losses or claims of any kind or nature. We advise all international travellers to hold travel insurance

4 thoughts on “Sweden/Värmland: Grayling

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  3. I used to fish a lot in the river that goes through Boden, north of Lulea. I do not know that that river is called. I usually caught trout, using pirks, no bait. One day I went to the upstream side of the dam there and caught a grayling. It was the most beautiful fish I’d ever caught. It was hooked bad, in the eye. I killed it and took it home (I lived in Boden at the time) and fried it and ate it. It was very delicious, much better than the trout I usually caught. – Earl Watson, Denver, Colorado

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